Prisoners under the age of 26

  • Chaz Moseby :now 21,in prison since since 15, a tale of injustice, wants guidance of older woman

  • Crandall Henderson21, would like to “ find a true friend who I could talk to about some of my legal problems and hopefully help me help myself”

  • Cantrell Robinson 22 . wants to share a few laughs in the down times, get back in touch with the world.

  • href="http://friendsofprisoners.blogspot.com/2009/04/rickey-quezada.html">Rickey Quezada, 25, in Illinois, looking for friendship , nothing more , nothing less

  • Alfonzia Sproles,21, in mIchigan

  • Leroy Jones,Figure Since Conversation's The Key To New Beginnings, Why Not Start There?

  • Kevin Harper 20, enjoys writing poetry, exercising, reading, learning new things, “really just doing anything that can assist in my growth and development into a better person.”

  • Ira Joe Chapman,Multiskilled, degree as barber, knows that friendship comes first, from Milwaukee

  • Quincy Benjamin 22, WSPF

  • Micheal Lee John20; in Idaho; needs friend

  • jamal russ; single , 23, from Milwaukee.

  • Emanual Sanders29, CA, has college degree, re-submitted life to God

  • Charles Ross I'm 31yrs of age, very Authentic,Intelligent

  • David Riley educated, god-fearing purpose-driven fun-loving

  • Kevin Harper; 20 ,intellectual and view the world in a wide variety of aspects

  • Joshua Oman
  • Rickey Quezada25 year old Mexican American, in IL

  • Tiffinie Smart Granger a passion for fun, flirty fashion, with a touch of dazzle all my own & I want to share it with you;23

  • Clifton rice” man of God. I am old fashioned as to the love and respect of women.”

  • Herbert Burrows 23, says "We learn the value of a thing when we have lost it… I’m here for you words and concern as needed as a friend without judgment"

  • Gregory Hayes24, picture will few words

  • Brian Khlem Age 21, Asian ; interests are reading, to exercise and expand my mind, drawing, and writing poetry as well as songs.

  • Dayon Mcintosh, 25, says ”prison will make you crumble or make you humble,”asks you to feel free to ask anything

  • Brandon Daniels 24,would love to write a sincere and open woman. Has no family support

  • Martin Sinclair, 24 years old, says he has “the soul of an old man,” has eloquent, down to earth introduction. Includes two photos.

  • Cordell Marquis Carter, 24, born again Christian genuinely changing for he better, open to all

  • ,Patrick Stearns, 21, offers a poem and sincere words.

  • Derrick Brown21,says "I have limitless conversation, personality and good times to give."

  • Dontreal Nelson ,19 in WSPF, describes his incredible loneliness in a poem. Needs friends

  • Christian Schmidt,23, Black, compassionate man who respects all woman, great listener.

  • DeAndre Johnson, 20 years old, Native and Black, looking for a penpal, possibly a friend

  • Anthony Turner,22, been in since 17, needs a special friend, having a hard time

  • Christopher Goodvine, two fine poems included

  • Kevin Hogue,from Virginia, has treasures his soul wants to give

  • Antoine Edwards24, says "I’m in pursuit of a woman who is serious about her dreams, aspirations and knows what she wants out of a relationship."
  • William Edwards,African American,Hispanic, has pure heart and no ulterior motives

  • mark Jacobs,"peanut", 25, looking for a good friend to bounce ideas off of.

  • , Rahman Pirtle, Aka LayLay is 20, Jamaican and Black, and has taken a long journey to better himself while in prison

  • Mark Mey, a 21 year old Cambodian (Khmer) male, “one of the gems to be discovered hidden behind prison walls.”

  • Derek Mosay, 23 years old, full blooded Native American, has 2 1/2 years left on his sentence and “nothing but time to waste, so I'd love some fan mail!!!”

  • Romel Morehouse, 22 and patient, waiting to meet a woman over 18. Honesty is most important

  • , Cordell Marquis Carter. 24, born again Christian, striving to lead a better life.

  • Devale Randle," I’m 21 years old. I’m 6’ tall and 185 lbs (bedroom physique… built to please and tease). I’m a bad boy with a heart of gold."

  • Dante Goodlaw, young African American, is looking for someone he can communicate with, - a person that knows that small things count and isn’t afraid to take chances.

  • Dennis Warren,25, Puero Rican and Black, looking for a place where it is safe to share innermost thoughts and feelings with someone
  • .
  • Levi Simmons, is 19 and says there is never a dull moment with him , is always open to new things
  • .
  • Lamont Nance,23, young black male, “Writing this for a chance at something everyone needs in their lives- FRIENDSHIP!”

  • Jimmy Riley, African/ Jamaican American, man of knowledge, has definite plans for future

  • Darius Hopkins,23,looking for open minded person for long or short term correspondence

  • Ivan Watkins,23, is loyal and understanding

  • Steven Davis looking for friendship with Christian woman

  • Freeman Bell,22, can be the spark in your life

  • Loren Harris,22, at WSPF, trying hand at poetry

  • Rendell Miller,"wood" for short, Native American, looking for friends

  • Nicholas Lyons,from Brazil, has no family here

  • Arvester Hawkins,25, in since age 17, now 25, needs a friend

  • Nate Kreger,22,gives very short introduction

  • Reginald Clytus,20, having a very hard time

  • Reinaldo Acosta,24, wants true friendship

  • Christopher Cody,"Boss",24, youthful, energetic, honest, 2 poems included

  • Bryan Perkinshas lost all contact with outside world, needs a friend

  • Andre Turner,new man now

  • Carlton Weaver,in VA, honest,straightforward, needs friends

  • Demetrius Quinn,23, writes poetic Introduction

  • Demetrius Webb,23, wants to share laughs and tears with a friend

  • Efrain Campos,25,Aztec and Mexican, has no family here

  • Jeremy Christenson in solitary at WSPF,21, spunky, in need of support

  • Jeremy Clark,25,needs nurturing friendship of older woman
  • Joshua Lee Stromberg,"Shuah", 23. has 2 years to go

  • Lawrence Piper,24, just moved top general pop ,artist

  • Luis Heredia,22,"I guess you can say I am introspective and an unconventional thinker."

  • Christopher Bunch, 21, seeking female penpals.

  • Vincent Grady, friends call him KV

  • Mr Marliss Purifoy asks for honesty in a friend

  • Jeremy Wright,24,great cook with big plans for the future

  • Manuel Williams,24, in solitary and very needy,some poems included

  • Pierre Williams,21,imprisoned since 16, needs experience communicating with a woman

  • Reinaldo Acosta,24, looking for that special woman

  • Rico Johnson,22, from DC, held in VA

  • Taurreon Henderson,19 years old

  • Timothy Van Ostran,19,in solitary at WSPF

  • Lavant farrell,short and sweet intro

  • Lavar Mullen, , 23, in Wi ,going into army or College full time when gets out.

  • http://friendsofprisoners.blogspot.com/2009/02/allen-davis.html”>Allen Davis, 29, white knight looking for fair maidens to write to
  • William Bolden; A.K.A. Mustafa Yusuf Ali, ,29, Muslim, serious student, Pelican Bay State Prison

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    D-bo's #1 said...

    I just found out that someone I know is locked up here. If anyone knows him tell him to holla. His name is Daniel Baker aka d-bo. Tell him his #1 finally found him! Thanks guys!

    The Religious Society of Friends said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    peggy said...

    Dear #1, Daniel would probably love to hear from you. He has no
    email. You may use our email, (given in sidebar and at top) to write me your adress and include a note to him and I will forward it to him . I can do that once. Peg