La'vant Ferrell

La'vant ferrell #431263; Room C-120; WSPF; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805

Birthday April 3rd, 1982; age :25;RELEASE DATE: 2009; Nationality: Native American and African; Looking for friendship

"Fresh start"
I open this small gesture with a sincere invitation to a little company! I hope my extended hand is embraced by all and welcomed by a warm smile. I'm a 25 year old African and Native American male who's in search of a thing no man can live without- a woman's companionship. Race doesn't matter so long as she's mature, goal oriented, professional and persistent. Age isn't a factor either, so long as you're legal! (18 years or older)
What I have to offer? Well, I'm very open minded, caring, honest, independent minded, charming, intelligent, passionate, down to earth and romantic. . I look forward to engaging in an even exchange of written dialogue with that lucky mystery lady out there. So don't be a sour apple or a stranger, be a sweetheart by getting your letter of introduction into my hands.

Dream Come True
I had a dream so real, it seemed that you were there..
You were walking along singing a song with not even a care..
Your beauty so fine, I was wishing you were mine.
I just had to stop and stare..
Our paths met, we hadn't spoken yet
And the silence was unfair.
I turned around and what I found is that the path was bare.
Heart broken, yet not a word was spoken, only the passing of air,
I had to hope to help my heart cope, that I'd find you somewhere.
Years went by, I prayed to the sky and searched everywhere!!!
Then one day I sent a letter away, looking for something rare...
You wrote back, photo attached;
I saw the girl whose air I shared . ."smile"

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