Danny Clarke

Daniel Clarke #522146; WSPF
My name is Danny, I am 21 years old, 5'6', with green/yellow eyes. I am a noble and respectful person . I grew up in a n outdoor life with a lot of adventures , one was what led me to prison for burglary/theft and battery. I have 4 years left out of 7 years. My life has not stopped because I am here. I keep a strong body and soul as well as mind by working out, reading many different books and taking time to find a meaning in this changing world. I have two tattoos that mark who I am , one a tribal cross on my left arm, the other one the super man symbol with my birth signs. I am using these tattoos and more to come, to mark what means the most in life. Music is the same for me . I am learning to play the guitar. It allows me to get away when days get boring or out of control. It also helps with getting to do something new. I hope this finds you in the best of health and I hope to hear from you soon.

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inmate pen pals said...

Why would anyone want to “date” a prisoner, or be friends with one for that matter?
Nice post . thanks for sharing with us .