Prisoners at the New General Population at WSPF

These men are in the newly opened general population at WSPF ( formerly Boscobel Supermax)
Address for all: WSPF ; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805
Most of these Prisoners volunteered to come here and try to make a controversial experiment at what was once the Boscobel Supermax a success. There is now a 100 bed general population unit within the Boscobel prison. Please write these men and help them adjust to these unique conditions.
note:Also included here are a few young men newly arrived to do "hole time".Their seg time will be noted. WSPF is now used by the WIDOC for prisoners doing regular segregation time, where they are punished for breaking rules. They will be returning to general population. This is called the "step program."

Dejaun Jones #302605; WSPF;"I am 30 years old with two beautiful girls. I write poems and I have four more years before I come home. I love my children.I'm very open minded, I love to write poems and write music. I just look for a person with an understanding heart who will give this brother a chance to share his feelings with a special lady

Dejaun Jones

Dion Mathews #254399;WSPF;Age 31, simply seeking correspondence; looking to share conversation with women of all races and ages, gladly able top appreciate meeting new women of all mind sets.
Dion Matthews

Alvin Kenny-El 366700;
WSPF PO Box 9900; Boscobel,. WI 53805
age 26; height 6'1"; weight 189; release date 3-18-2014;
interests: all sports, reading and writing poems and short stories. Currently working on a book . When not writing or reading, working is the next best thing they have here to stay toned and sexy for release.
physical characteristics: Very handsome smile, athletic build
In search of a female friend who enjoys sports and willing to share her thoughts. Has to be strong willed and firm of mind. !98 and older but a mature woman who knows what she wants.
So with this little said , hope you choose to get to know me and give me the chance to know you.

Alvin Kenney-EL at left

Donelle Jones #426932; African American, age 22, I'm a single Black male, looking for a penpal.; An open-minded, sophisticated female, with good conversation. I'm a well built, athletic male, easy going, fun to conversate with guy. To find out more, write soon.

Rodney Foster #208482; S.B.M. 32, 6 feet, 180 pounds of pure ecstasy!. Is searching for that special penpal to make life complete. Will reply to all letters.

Eric Gomez #86097; WSPF; PO Box 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805

Date of birth: October 3-1969 Nation/tribal affiliation: Mexican Indian Release date: 2013 I'm 5'6", 150 lbs, long brown hair and brown eyes and complexion. My hobbies & interests are reading, drawing, music, working out and getting deep into my culture.I want a pen pal (prefer females!) to meet new people, but more importantly someone who's honest, sincere, understanding and realistic as well as a touch to the outside world.

Poem By Eric Gomez

Flying Free
By day I'm a prisoner, locked away in time,
caged here like an animal, repenting for my crime.
But when the sun has ran it's course, and day turns into night,
I close my eyes and drift away, as my spirit takes to flight.

It soars across the mountain tops, and valleys far and wide,
so bold and undefeated, like an eagle as it glides,
free from chains and shackles, and the boundaries of mankind,
free to soar with other souls, in a non existing time.

My hands are bound by all mankind, and have been since birth,
while the eagle from within my heart flies free with Mother Earth

Jonathan Krueger #404448 WSPF I enjoy biking, reading, rock music, horror movies and romance novels, but I'll watch just about anything, and I also like a variety and music including classical,. I also love spending time with friends and love cats. NO photo available at this time but will try to get one later in the future. I look for humor, down-to -earth, a good personality, and a nice body doesn't hurt but it's what's on the outside that matters. (I get out on about 4 years.) Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Jeff Harris #313990, WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel, Wi 53805 D.O.B.12/17/71 expected release date: 3/9/11 height : 6", weight 220 pounds; Race:BK From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I'm a simple man that is understanding of many things and many ways. I have a caring heart for those who use it skillfully. I respect those who have respect for themselves and others, I don't believe in telling lies to make others do or believe the unbelievable or lead them into blind illusion. I'm honest about what I feel. I do understand the protocol of relationships and I respect them whether friends or lovers. I believe in getting to know a woman for who she is and not what she does or has done. My hobbies are quiet walks, traveling, sewing, playing pool. I try to draw, but ain't that good. I enjoy poetry and reading and many other things. As long as I'm living, I am still experiencing life. Hobbies grow. I can only look to meet a woman who has the heart and is willing to get to know me while in this situation. I can get along with anyone that knows how to be themselves. If this is you, I am waiting. I leave you with the words of a lonely poet. " My heart craves.. for the nearness, with pounds so fervored for the closeness of another. While my mind seeks understanding, and searches for communication.. with another , until heart and mind come to their dreadful conclusion "loneliness."

Bruce N Bieber# 167952;WSPF; would love penpal, likes to draw,sketch, write silly cartoon, do political essays, litigator

Andre Turner#319669; WSPF; Has converted to Islam and turned himself around. “ I was arrested, tried and sentenced in 1998 for ‘attempted first degree intentional homicide.’ I had tried to cause the death of another human being, That is the old me, when I loved ripping and running out there in society on them streets of death row with no care the world. I was straight lost, being dumb, deaf and blind ending up running head on onto a brick wall like a crash dummy. I have transformed myself becoming to know who I am, what my purpose in this world is- the two eyes of mine are fully open to the truth now.

Alphonso Miller #171874; WSPF; 37; Black; trying to prove innocence; learned a lot , change, since incarceration

Omar Polk #148028;

Now at :OSCI;PO Box 3310; Oshkosh, WI 54901I'm a 43 year old male that's looking for someone that I can write and talk with when time is hard for me. I like to read nice books an love to play basketball and keep myself in good health. I'm looking for someone I can write and talk to fro friendship. This is a picture of me when I got my HSGD.

Omar Polk at left

Lashawn Owens #42231;24; "Vegas," Black; Works out a lot, wants penpal relationship with older woman

Brian Johnson #400434; WSPF;from Chicago, I tried a new start in Madison, Wisconsin before the incident that led to my incarceration. I'm a Black male, age 36 yrs, 5'11" with a very muscular frame. Before my unfortunate situation I was on my way to becoming a professional body builder. I was semi pro for 5 years winning Mr Chicago once and Mr. Madison 2 years straight.


Nicholas Voss #355270
Nicholas Voss #355270; WSPF; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805;
Personal information: Nick name: Nick, Middle name: Frederick;
date of release: 7-5-09; age 27; race/tribe: white; birthday: 5-16-78; marital status: single
Physical description: Height: 5’11”” weight: 180 lbs; hair: brown. Eye: Blue. I am clean cut and have a slightly larger than average athletic body
Hobbies and interests: In my free time I like to go hunting and fishing. Also I like to go on long trips with my motorcycle when the weather permits. In the winter I go snow mobiling, and spend time with friends.
I am a millwright by trade. I also know a little about computers but I am more of a handyman. I spent most of my teens working weekends for a construction company.
I am looking for:I am mostly looking for someone to write, someone who is in need of a penpal. Someone who is mature.

Ricardo Johnson #337375

James Terry, #373986; WSPF: S/B/M;French National with US naturalized citizenship. Birthplace- Evereux, France; 7-14-64. Grew up in Katzweiller, Germany. I was educated on United States air force installations. The world is a cornucopia of assorted flavors, shades., and fragrances. All of which are lovely. Truthfulness shall be the key to unlocking the reservoir of my heart. Prior to my incarceration I was employed as a fundraiser for United Youth Careers out

Arturo Melendez #196090; WSPF; Arturo is 5'10", 190 pounds. He likes working out, baseball and live movies,. He is 35 years of age, lived in Milwaukee. He is Hispanic and enjoys writing a lot and music of all kinds. Benjamin Woody #221360 WSPF; PO Box 9900 Boscobel, Wi 53805 I'm 36 years old,. I'm Black and part Native, 6 feet tall, 215 pounds, brown eyes. I've lived in Madison, Kenosha, Milwaukee,Wisconsin. I was born in Gary Indiana. I'm also a certified cook. I went to Gateway Technical College in Kenosha County for the culinary arts. I play basketball, football, chess. and enjoy fishing, watching movies and reading. My favorite are books on history, slavery, and books by Zane such as "Chocolate Flavor"and by Rogers. I also enjoy spending a lot of time with that special person in my life. At this present time, I'm single and looking for someone with a kind heart and open mind. Race doesn't matter to me,only that you be an open minded and honest person. I enjoy other things of a more personal nature but I don't think right now would be the time to share that, but I share them at a later date.

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Bobby Harper27, in WSPF . No picture yet but pus a lot of description into a few word

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  • Howard Williams, is 38 years old, an inventer , Is in the Boscobel Prison and is asking for help with learning.

  • Note: We again remind you to use FFUP post office box if you wish your address to remain anonymous and we will forward the inmate’s mail to you. Remember to give us your real address so we can forward the mail.
    Also, we offer support on any level if you come into problems or have suggestions or questions. Use our email or PO address: swansol@mwt.net
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