William Andrews

William Andrews #1701022
2264 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 75886

I am a white straight male seeking to correspond with mature females for friendship and interesting exchanges of ideas, goals, and humor to help each other make out days brighter with positive direction. I'm serving time kin 23/7 lockdown mode right now with some years left to do.. It is not allowed in this facility to write other inmates, so I am seeking to hear from free-world females from any state. I have a photo to trade for same.

I am 44, white, blue eyes, dark hair, 6'2", 200 lbs., Athletic build, artistic, mechanically inclined, free spirited, out of the box thinker, stuck in the box at the moment, but spiritually free and ever learning about this journey called life. Originally from Maryland, trapped in Texas. My D.O.B. is 10-26-66, my long release date is 2-6-20, short about 5 years from now-2-6-16.

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