Pierre Taylor

Pierre Taylor 537278
CCI; PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901
My name is Pierre, I', 5'10", I'm African American, I'm 22 years old, My birthday is May 3rd, I'm 300 pounds. I like to work out- well there ain't much else to do here. I get out next year- November 23rd, 2012. I love to cook and when I get out I am going to technical college for it. I played foot ball all through high school. I love to go fishing, swimming and any other sport you can think of. If I haven't played it before I will try it. I'm locked up for false imprisonment party to a crime, if you want to know more I will tell you.
I'm writing in hopes of gaining a friend- perhaps more. I like to write because I can get things off my chest. I don't have nobody to write to or talk to in here. You don't want nobody in your business. It's hard when you don't have nobody on your side when you are in a time of need. The friends you thought you had was only your friends because of what you could do for them. And when you can't do nothing for them, they forget you. You might think I'm crazy cause I'm telling you all this and I don't know you.. but don't worry, I just like to write and I hope you are interested enough to write back. .
Hope to hear from you.

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