Prisoners in Wisconsin Secure Program Facility

Penpals in WSPF, Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
Address for all : WSPF.; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805
listed alphabetically by last name
Christopher Berry
Eugene Cherry
Myron edwards
Lavant Farrell
Ryan Friebolin
Eric Gomez
Jeff Harris
Loren Harris
Arvester Hawkins
Dejaun Jones
Donelle Jones
Alvin Kenny El
Johnathan Krueger
Dennis Marsh
Dion Matthews
Laron McKinley
Arturo Melendez
Alphonso Miller
Rendell Miller
Rodobaldo Pozo
Antonio Settles
James Terry
Andre Turner
Timothy Van Ostran
  • Christopher Kopaczewski, half Polish, half Mexican, is open and honest

  • DeAndre Johnson, 20 years old, Native and Black, looking for a penpal, possibly a friend

  • Dontreal Nelson19 in WSPF, describes his incredible loneliness in a poem. Needs friends

  • Howard Williams, is 38 years old, an inventer , Is in the Boscobel Prison and is asking for help with learning.

  • View some short penpal descriptions of WSPF prisoners

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