Rendell Miller

Rendell Miller #438870
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

"The voyage of Discovery Consists not in seeking new landscapes, buy in having new eyes. " Marcel Proust.

My Name is Rendell Miller although I am better known as "Hollywood " or "Wood" for short. I am 22 years of age , brown hair and eyes, 9'10" in height, 190 pounds, well built. I have a tattoo of a crown on my left eye. I am from the south side of Milwaukee.
I am Native American. Although I am contemplating on changing my surroundings, I think it is time for me to start over and mingle with new personalities. The time I gave this state is time I could have put toward a career or college education.

I am a real outgoing individual that is very open-minded. I love sports of all types. I like reading and writing. Since my incarceration I enjoy studying the law both criminal and civil. On the outside world I love to do so many things that I can't write them all down. Some include: shopping, traveling and just kicking it with family and friends. I love music of all types.

People curious why I am incarcerated: possession of a controlled substance, and armed burglary. I was given 5 years in and 5 years out on parole. I have less than two years left although I plan on being released sooner. My case is trying to be brought into court again on new factors.

I have made unlawful and wrong decisions. Now I am looking at life through a kaleidoscope and making the necessary improvements that will secure and assure me success in the future. That way when I sit down and relax I feel satisfied with the meal that I've prepared. Meaning I am going to enjoy the fruits of life without the stress of yesterday.
As I conclude: In our interpersonal relations we should never forget that all our associates are human beings and hunger for appreciation is the legal tender that all souls enjoy.
If you are interested ,please feel free to write. I have no access to a computer.

Poem Called:
Prison cell I Think

As I sit in this prison cell and think
what in life is my missing link
I sit in this box stuck,
surrounded by 4 walls, and a locked door,
my mind spinning, and my heart tore,
freedoms gone only for the time being
trying to straighten out my thoughts
and figure out my true feeling

As I sit in this prison cell and think
what I can do to better my life
so I will not end upon this box again
I never want to use this stainless steel toilet and bed
each day I think how to drain the negative thoughts
out of my head

As I sit in this prison cell and think
I'll continue and proceed to find my missing link
so when I'm released I can succeed

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