Howard Williams

Howard Williams #169546
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

Hello! My name is Howard Williams. I'm Asiatic and African American. I'm 38 years old and my birthday is August 30, 1970. I've been incarcerated since 1991. I've been rehabilitating myself through education. My passion is science, physics and quantum physics. This prison prevents me from reaching my fullest potential in higher education. They do not provide any books above the GED level. I would appreciate assistance to help me get into college courses and mathematics. Books and magazines would also be welcomed. I would also like to present an idea/invention that I've developed... it is a device that self-generates it's own internal electricity, without any external fuel source. it's the alternative energy source that could replace gas, batteries and plug-ins.

With the utmost sincerity and respect,

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