Arvester Hawkins, young, in for life, needs a friend

Arvester Hawkins #364749; WCI: PO Box 351; Waupun, Wi 53963

He tells his story.
I am now 25 years old and I have been in prison since I was 17. I grew up in the inner city in a single parent home, the youngest of 7 children. How I don't know, but growing up I ended up being my mother's "punching bag" when she got stressed out. Not just physically but also mentally. I guess looking just like my father, who she hated, didn't help matters much either. In the process of me growing up my mother stopped being a mother. Actually, I think she just stopped caring at all . Which left me young and alone. With no one to turn to I turned to the streets and crime. I figured that it was an easy way to "survive" but no way to "live." I tried to find work but a child with no education just has about no chance for employment. I even tried to get back into school but I needed my mother's help and getting that is about like getting into Heaven when you don't believe in the God that created it. I struggled until I couldn't struggle anymore. I found a little work but not much. Then my mother gave up on me and left me homeless while she went to Texas to start over. In my fit of hurt and rage I senselessly killed a man. I was sentence to life with no parole plus 42 years for my crime. I went to being alone in prison from being alone on the street.
In the last 8 tears I have attempted to "better" myself. I've made getting an education an addiction, mostly studying psychology and now mythology. I've also gotten into writing poetry and most importantly, having a relationship with God. It is not difficult for me to accept spending the rest of my life in prison. I took a life, regardless of the circumstances behind it. An Eye for an eye, it seems fair. However what is difficult for me is being alone. I mean not having any family or friends outside these prison walls. I would appreciate a friend more than any words could ever express.

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ZoAnn said...

Hi, lil bro how are you I haven't heard from you in a while. I would Love to hear from you, you know you can call me just make sure you say your name so we won't mistakenly accept a call from Deshe's uncle or cousin they try to sneak a call in every now and then. Please get in contact me ASAP. I LOVE U and will always be here for you. YOU’RE SIS ZoAnn

jW said...

Joe-What's up MAN! We haven't forgotten or abandoned you Bro. Things have been crazy with everybody and communicating gets rough. This blog I stumbled on is cool and we can holla back and forth here. I can send you a letter detailing what's been happening. Saw your poetry on-line too...

Ruth said...

Hi Arvester(man), this is your oldest sister. I am so glad Joe passed this on to me. I luv you. Love the poems.

Mom said...

Hi Son, love your poems, keep up the good work, Love and miss you Thank God, maybe this is a way for us to communicate Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Who is?To whom?In the real world of bliss or in the other.We borrow other's words.The prison is hard,the life we got is hard,the responsibility is big.Iam God.The end is God's.And the end is always the and that blurrs.Words.

MG said...
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MG said...
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MG said...
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