Demetrius Quinn, 23, writes a poetic introduction

Demetrius Quinn #415505 ,Racine Correctional Institution, (RCI); Po Box 900, Sturtevant, Wi 53177

They say when one door closes another door opens. So, I'm out for a walk looking for someone to walk with that has their door open for me. I've learned that since I was young, a good start can end golden. So I'm always aware that my head creates my world and it should be the same from your end (correct?) So, whenever you receive this letter, before you say, "Who the hell is this writing me" (Smile), I hope and pray you allow me that one chance to voice my intentions and desires to you and that this letter reaches you and your loved ones in the best of health??
With me, I'm holding up under my current circumstances hoping to expand in consciousness-ready to accept anything "now", at any time. And I hope my walk with you on this paper can go a few miles?

I'm looking for a friend to write to, possibly a pen-pal, (nothing less, nothing more) All best friends were once strangers, and knowing that I'm looking for the best friend that I can be close to or vent to in my dark times. I know that my situation can leave a lot to be less desired to meet me or be friends with me. But to me, that's called having a "Judgmental mind". If I judge you, I don't have time to love the friendship that we might connect on (right?) I believe we all need someone to be close to. Maybe you might not feel the same? But I feel I am worth the chance it would take to get out there on the limb to get to know me as a human being, the human beings that we all are.

I'm one who firmly believes a person never gets a second chance to make a first impression. So, I hope you don't mind me being blunt? Can we walk & chit-chat? My door has been closed for too long! After the holidays came & passed, I realized how depressed I was and most of all lonely! I'm not from Green Bay and don't know too many people here. I was born in Chicago, 111. I moved to Milwaukee, WIS when I was young. So, I can say that is my home base, "Milwaukee" which is many empty and long miles away. And being that I'm here, unable to meet and visit people at events or social parties or whatever, like I could if I was on the streets. . This letter is my only hope at finding a friend. Hope that's understandable? I'm a noble man with substance. I'm a deep listener. I count my age by friends, not years.

I'm 23 years old, my birthday is 10-5-82 (Limbra) I'm 5*6 in height and 210 in weight. I have a dark brown complexion and dark brown eyes. I enjoy reading, lifting weights, and have the passion to get into realestate. My family back home owns a couple of apartment buildings and houses. So I'm just prepping my education up before I get out because I would like to get into realestate someday, like ray family. So, yes I'm a Chicago bear fan and I them cheese heads (HA). I'm a father to one daughter. She is four years old now. I'm single and whole­hearted. And I wrote you because I hope you can save me from things like loneliness (you know?) If you write back as a friend, I will allow you to get to know me. And I hope it's mutual? I gave you a brief description of my back ground so you can understand what type of person I am besides thinking I'm a criminal and judging me by the cover of the book.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
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If you would like us to send your first letter, send your letter to FFUP at
swansol@mwt.net. Make sure you give us your “snail mail “ address so the prisoner can write you back .
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Richland Center, WI 53581
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amber sykes said...

Hello my name is Amber Sykes. My mom name is Linda Hackler. Hopefully your dad is Ricky quinn if this is so that means you are my cousin. Our grandmother is Lillian Hackler if this is Demetrius with a sister named Cupid you are definitely my cousin so let me know.

amber sykes said...

Look forward to knowing if this is you.

peggy said...

Amber, Demetrius has no email, Why don't you write him and say hello. He would love it. Peg

peggy said...

Amber, Demetrius says , yes, you are cousins but he has no way of getting in touch with you. PLease email me with your address and you to can start writing to each other. swansol@mwt.net. I do not have your email either so it is up to you. Peg