Eugene Cherry a man in need of friends

Eugene Lynell Cherry #195977;
WSPF: PO Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805

Nickname:Gene” date of release: December 09; race: African American; age 32; birthday: 3-28-73;religion: explorer; marital status: single

Physical description: height: 5’7” weight: 190 lbs; hair: black; eyes: brown; medium build and athletic when necessary.

Hobbies, interests: camping, fishing, cuddling,dancing,and basically living life to the fullest

Other things, special skills etc: I am very good with my hands and enjoy doing anything that involves the use of my hands.

I am looking for: “anyone” who has a good heart- if you have some kind of disability and think the you’re excluded from what I am looking for, I’m here to tell you- if you have a good heart you’re “very much” included in what I am looking for- so write. OK?

Note: this man is indigent, gets one stamp a week, is extremely isolated and receives much retaliation from the prison. He very much needs more contact with the outside world. He is a fierce litigator. He is another one in the Boscobel Supermax, 24/7 isolation. Again, use our PO box and email address for support if you need to. FFUP PO Box 285; Richland Center, Wi 53581; email swansol@mwt.net

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
Send your letter to the address listed at top of post.
If you would like us to send your first letter, send your letter to FFUP at
swansol@mwt.net. Make sure you give us your “snail mail “ address so the prisoner can write you back .
You are always welcome to use our post office box as your forwarding address. Just make sure you give us your real address so we can send the prisoner’s reply to you. Our PO BOX :
PO Box 285
Richland Center, WI 53581
We are always available if you have questions, problems, or comments

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