Dejaun Jones

Dejaun Jones #302605: WSPF; PO Box 9900; Boscobel, Wi 53805

I am 30 years old with two beautiful girls. I write poems and I have four more years before I come home. I love my children.I'm very open minded, I love to write poems and write music. I just look for a person with an understanding heart who will give this brother a chance to share his feelings with a special lady.

personal description: birthday: 1-31-76 race, height, weight: Black, 5'9"; 170 lbs; eye color: brown; hair color:black; convicted of: armed robbery; release date: 8-19-2010

two poems

Can you Hear Me?

Love is deep. But her forgiveness is even deeper. Let her down, turn my back leaving her to fight in the dark cold world that has swollen me up. Pain has caused me to lose. How can a heart be broken when one trips and is left to fall ? Is there anybody out there that hears me? I’m drowning from loneliness. I would reach out to say I love you but my shame has me to hide. I had my pride and my ego when they took me away from you. I toss and turn- shall I hurt any longer?

Caught Dead Between Two Walls

Such a turn in this position in an environment broke from time within as tears streamroll down my face express my deepest sorrow wash away by guilt convicted still remain the pain in my heart
Black is my color but jail remain my home such harsh words but pay attention this just beginning of Black man struggle
Deep inside a man’s four cornered cell He realizes the beast within Which man himself chose to not understand
Justice has brought about vicious persons Inside these walls
They call it pay back.

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