Christopher Berry

Christopher Berry #219210-WSPF PO Box 9900; Boscobel WI 53805.
(This is a control; Unit Prison, 24 hours daily solitude.)

Christopher claims innocence, has all documents. Claims DA withheld evidence at trial, that “star witness” recanted his testimony. Is litigtator. See his essay “How innocent is Justice” below.

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About himself: Nickname is Triple X; is an Asiatic Black, is 33 years old; 5’51/2” and 165 lbs. I’m muscular and very health conscious. . I’m very laid back, creative, extroverted, open-minded, veracious, with no room for hate. I’m very understanding with a great sense of humor. I’m a martial artist. Has a life sentence

Hobbies: boxing, working out, swimming. Nature, writing books, short stories, poetry
Music: slow jazz, R&B, classic rock, some country..
My expectations aren’t that high. A female of any age, race, religion. She only needs to be honest, kind hearted and caring, down to earth, understanding, open-minded and a good conversationalist who loves reading and writing. She doesn’t have to be the Beauty of the Week, but I will look for the beauty of her heart. I want something long termed, so write me if you dare to have me take you there. (smile).

One may ask this question a thousand and one times but will never obtain an answer. It has nevertheless been proven time and time again that where the poor, disenfranchised African Americans arc concerned, justice has always been indifferent and guilty of racism in America. This excludes the O.J and Ray Lewis but includes the Rodney Kings, Mumia Abu Jamuals and most recenly the Christopher Berry's for that matter.

After ten years of diligent searching and uncovering of exculpatory evidence in the state of Wisconsin V Christopher Berry case, a recantation affidavit by the state's star witness (the actual shooter in case) clearly vindicating Mr. Berry of all involvement in the homicide of April 29,1991 in Racine, WI, Judge Ptacek on Nov. 9,2001 at the final 974.06 motion hearing, did biasly deny the petition and thus continued the undisputed legacy and tradition of Old Glory with the same Story under a New Order.How innocent is justice isn't a question that needs answering when it is self-explanatory on its face.Christopher BerryP. O. Box 9900 Boscobcl, WI 53805

POEMS CREATED BY Christopher Berry (WA’KI-MO)
Professor of Love and Diverse Sciences; Feb14,’03

If you can-forgive me for being so hard to understand.
It’s not a game, nor my plan- I guess you can say it’s just the way I am.
If you can- try exercising a little empathy-put yourself in my place and use my eyes to see.
If you can, be honest with yourself, which do you believe is best for yourself (love or hate)?
I believe love is love no matter where it comes from, is or was. It can be from an old person, young, smart or dumb, white or black, a free citizen or incarcerated prisoner.
From below or above- the fact is we all need love even you…and me too.
If you can-please try’n understand this world would be no world w/out the woman and man..

I cannot say what this world is coming to,
I cannot what I will, or won’t do.
I cannot say I love you enough, though convincing you I see is going to be tough.
I cannot say feelings are right or wrong, words sometimes cannot convey emotions that are strong-but suffice to say if they are then they must belong.
I cannot say what this tear in my eye means when I think of you, or this pain in my chest that comes and goes.
I cannot say positively that we will be together one day in the flesh, but it is my goal and dream, and I shall do my best to meet that test…
For as we know it, love conquers all and I’ll be first to confess.
You probably want to know why I do some of things I do that makes me a mystery, but…
Again, baby- I cannot say.

Age is but a number and means nothing to me,
The same is true about size and height, that’s all mediocre in my sight.
What matters most is your personality and character-the condition of your heart and mind,
I’m concerned about what you think and feel about yourself as well as about the one who you fail to understand.
I’m never afraid of what I think or feel-
I’m never afraid to express it if I believe it to be real.
I’m never afraid of going forwards towards the future, but I am only afraid to repeat the past .

I tell you I know why I love you although you are still a mystery,
I tell you I know things about you, baby, that you wouldn’t believe.
I tell you I know the way you make me feel inside is sometimes very hard to hide, so tell me just how many others have looked you in the eyes and announced his love for you- and did so with pride?
I tell you I know that deep inside of your essence, there’s a place I wish to be, I’ve been there once before psychologically, mentally and emotionally and this felt so good to me.
I tell you I know together you and I have a mission of love, which will become our destiny.


It is said GOD is LOVE, and who can say what color GOD is? Out of love for HIMSELF, HE did create the first man in HIS image and after HIS likeness. And out of this same love for this first man did HE create the first woman. The Essence and
Nature of the woman is to express love, for she knows nothing but what she must do by the nature of GOD’S law.
GOD did not intend for man to be alone, such was the purpose of creating woman..
What becomes of the man absent the love of his second half? One cannot sustain on bread alone. Man needs woman, and woman needs man- together they are one in equal need of love.
There’s no such thing as a NO GOOD WOMAN and where that is found there is also A NO GOOD MAN that made her that way. All women, of all shades and nationalities are unique.
‘LOVE is the highest elevation of understanding with a force so strong that it cannot be broken .. thus THE COLOR OF LOVE is every color, woman and man, that you see. ( Ya heard it from me..)

When I imagine you, I just close my eyes and think of everything beautiful that walks and that flies.
I see the lovely queen black and white bumblebee sucking nectar from the lily.
I see the exotic orange and back butterfly soaring high and low, here and there- the majestic beauty was in the air.
There’s just too much to choose from when I imagine you- beauty is everywhere –look the sky is so blue.
I look again and saw there next to me climbing up a tree, and with it’s reddish orange and black spotted body, it was smaller than all the others , yet exquisite as it could be- it was a LADY BUG- my LADY BUG as I took her away with me.
When I imagine you, it is always with me, the way it’s going to be..

WHEN YOU'VE SEEN A MAN By Christopher Berry
When the days of a man are long and enduring and his nights are restless and boring—when you've seen a man whose laughter is replaced with tears in his eyes, whose soul is wretched from deep down hidden pain inside, whose greatest task of his life was to learn how to swallow his pride, sorrow and grief defines his emotions day after day while encased within his tomb, that he is forced to call a room which is empty and exempt of color, you can see how his eyes are filled with gloom.
219210 isn't just any number, where he's at that is equivalent a name. How sad but true it is that some people believe a shorter number gives him fame, and he is proud of his number name—all the same.
But to some it's a disgrace and brings shame to the family's name and stripes that are like strikes in a place that we call society, where in truth no one is really free except one who believes in God and not just this Government of Democracy. Yes, if you've ever seen a man as the one described above, you know you probably have just seen the author hereof. But you can just call him ME!

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