Eric Gomez

Eric Gomez#86097; WSPF ; PO Box 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805

I want a pen pal to meet new people(prefer females), but more importantly someone who's honest, sincere, understanding and realistic as well as a touch to the outside world. I'm 5'6", 150 lbs, long brown hair and brown eyes and complexion.

My hobbies & interests are reading, drawing, music, working out and getting deep into my culture

Date of birth: October 3-1969
Nation/tribal affiliation: Mexican Indian
Release date: 2013

Poem By Eric Gomez

Flying Free
By day I'm a prisoner, locked away in time,
caged here like an animal, repenting for my crime.
But when the sun has ran it's course, and day turns into night,
I close my eyes and drift away, as my spirit takes to flight.

It soars across the mountain tops, and valleys far and wide,
so bold and undefeated, like an eagle as it glides,
free from chains and shackles, and the boundaries of mankind,
free to soar with other souls, in a non existing time.

My hands are bound by all mankind, and have been since birth,
while the eagle from within my heart flies free with Mother Earth

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