Dontreal D Nelson

Dontreal D Nelson # 507827
WSPF; Po Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

My Name is Dontreal Nelson. Everybody calls me “Treal”. I’m 19 (03-21-89) , I’m 6’1” tall , weigh 180, hair color black. Right now I have an affro, eye color brown- sometimes they change to black I locked up for attempted robbery . They gave me two years in and 21/2 out- all in all I got a 4 piece- I go home February 3, 2009. Right now I’m working on my HSED.
I should be getting it sometime this year, I’m going back to school when I get out to get a bachelor’s degree in.. that I am uncertain of. I’ll get to know more closer to my release. I ‘m not quite sure because there are three things that I’m interested in: behavioral sciences, sociology and chemistry. My motivation for change has been my family, being tired of this prison bullshit, knowing I have more to offer and being ready to have a family of my own. It’s hard to express sadness because it’s a shitty thing to feel . I get angry instead, my greatest fear is letting my loved one down, my childhood was alright.

Prison Life
Its waiting on visits that never take place...
from friends and family who forget your face..
It’s waiting on letters when your doing time..
and your loved ones won’t write or send a dime...
It’s calling and hearing a block on the phone..
you maintain, life goes on because you’re all alone...
It hearing them all saying that they was tryin..
making you promises, but you know they was lyin..
Its making plans with someone who you thought you knew..
but these plan suddenly changed and they didn’t include you..
it’s hearing them all say how much they love and care..
but in time of need they were never there..
it’s being’ all by yourself when you fall down to pray..
saying “Oh dear Lord Jesus, give me the strength for another day.”
Its expressing yourself to your loved ones and friend
but they can’t feel your pain because you’re in the pen..
it’s really messed up
being here doing this time
but that’s my prison life
out of sight, out of mind.

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