Brian Khlem

Brian Khlem#309197
B 109 Washington Correctional Center
POBox 900
Shelton, WA 98584

D.O.B. 2-13-87, Age 21
Height 5’7”, weight l68 lbs.
Am single and Asian

My nationality is Cambodian. I was born in Olympia and raised in Seattle. It’s where I call home. I have short black hair, dark brown eyes with a chocolate skin complexion that is slightly covered in tattoos. I’m into keeping myself fit and healthy, and workout hard to keep it.
Some of my interests are reading, to exercize and expand my mind, drawing, and writing poetry as well as songs.
I’m seeking for someone that could put out a positive input into my life: Someone who could approach me with nothing but honesty and is willing to put every ounce of energy into it as I will. I want to meet someone that could help me find a better and different kind of happiness. A lady who could show me there is more to experience and more to life than what I was brought up to believe.

If it’s you and your willing to give it a chance, then I’ll be waiting here patiently for you to come and claim what is yours.


cindy m said...

ayee Brian! its ur long lost true love!
i miss you. hope to hear 4rm you soon.


peggy said...

Prisoners do not have email or computers .IF you leave a message here and want to hear from the prisoner, leave your address too.
OR write them at the address listed at top of their posts.
OR , if you want FFUP to mail the first message, send your real address and an introductory letter to swansol@mwt.net. Peg, the blog worker