Taurreon Henderson

Mr Taurrean Henderson #482395; Green Bay Correctional Institution(GBCI), PO box 19033; Green Bay 54307
To the Females Only

Hopefully my conversation reached you and things are going as you need them to. If not, may my words brighten your day and place a smile on your beautiful face.

Now I'm rather confident, you may be saying to yourself: "Who is this person writing me?" Let me introduce myself. My name is Taureon Henderson. I'm a 19 year old Black male with brown eyes, short black hair and a brown skinned complexion. I stand 5 foot tall and weigh 178 lbs. The reason you have received this missive from me is because I am wondering if you wanna pass sometime with me, maybe build a lasting friendship in tha process. We can kick it on any level you prefer it keeps it REAL. I'm not into playing games.

I am aware of three types of women, "them " , "these' and "those"! You get them real women who would write me and be my friend. You got these confused women - they don't know what they want and can't recognize a good thing when it's presented to them and you got those half slick - assed women they try to play me.

You know I'm locked up and to be honest, its lonely behind these concrete walls and steel doors and I'd be forever grateful to have your companionship during this tough time in my life. I don't ask for your sympathy- only your understanding. See I am a man and I made a mistake and I hope you don't deny your friendship or yourself the loyalty that accompanies myself because of my current situation. I'm not bad person. I just made a bad decision. Yeah, so anyways I'm not trying to come between any relationship you might have. I just want your conversation, someone to keep it REAL wit me. I ain't trying to be a burden. I have no one.
If you want to know more about me just read on. If I had to I could describe myself in six words. I'd say I'm a gentleman with thug tendencies! I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin off Sherman and Roosevelt. I like to play basketball and conversate with knowledgeable minds and listen to music, mostly Rap and R$B. I've never been married, I don't have a relationship or no friends. They played me left out of sight, out of mind. You can ask me anything you want, ladies, I only know how to be one way and that is to be REAL. Well, I'll leave you to make your decision- whoever my lucky female may be. I look forward to hearing from you- I'll be waiting!

Note: We again remind you to use FFUP post off box if you wish your address to remain anonymous and we will forward the inmate’s mail to you. Remember to give us your real address so we can forward the mail.
Also, we offer support on any level if you come into problems or have suggestions or questions. Use our email or PO address:
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