Christopher Shafiik Goodvine

Chris Antonious Shafiik Goodvine, #310458;

GBCI; P.O.Box 19033; Green Bay, WI 54307Personal information: date of release: Sept 2012; Race/tribe: African American; Age 25; birthday: 12/16/80; marital status: single; religion: Muslim; Physical description: height 5’7-8”; weight 195 lbs; hair color: black; eye color: brown; Medium build, short hair, traditional beard, dark complexion
Hobbies, interests: studying Arabic and Hebrew; I enjoy reading, non-fiction mostly. Love writing. I would love to study astronomy and medicine. I am also interested in studying Islamic history and having inter-religious dialogue. I am a fairly skilled poet.
I am looking for: Friends from all over who share some of my interests or who’s just interested in some honest socializing. Age and race doesn’t matter. long term correspondences welcomed. Not looking for romance- very unromantic. Peace be upon you all.

Two Poems by Christopher Goodvine
It pains me to see my folks profiled by police and sellout leader
so evil they throw smiles on our streets to get elected…
then neglect us
look down on our streets
That every corner has a booty bar or Catholic Church and liquor store-
to inebriate my path at birth.
Reality hurts.
As if I’m seeing through the eyez of Ms. Alice Walker.
. reality stalks us.
Cuz while the victim I conceive is the "color of purple"
so forlorn are the things that constantly lurks us
There’s gotta be purpose-
Why our past was erased, ancestors raped
Forefathers abused
Suspended from some branch with their necks in noose.

No Sirat
Note: no "sirat" is a reference to an Islamic term "sirat"- that is, a bridge by which the believers will pass over the hell-fire into a paradise and from which disobedient disbelievers will slip and fall into hell.
She danced the street
death at her heals,
stripping away at discreet,
well- tailored veils exposing, as it were,
the denizens of Hell.
Her name was Katrina
And this is her tale.
Came we the people hearts strong with worry
hoping…in our neighbors hospitality to find shelter and curry
But the bridge we crossed was no "sirat"
and the abridgements we faced
effaced the centuries we’ve fought
we could go on, and on and on, and on
it suffice that our tears caused more damage
than all the levies ecsconced.

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