Larry George

Larry George#88022
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
Box 3310
Oshkosh, Wi 54903

44 years old, single, white male, no children. Hopes to get out soon. “I lived in Reno from 1995 to 98 I returned to Wisconsin in October and have been in prison ever since” Has little family support and would love a regular penpal friend.


I’ve been in prison on and off for well over 15 years. I’ve filed a few lawsuits on various things. Won Some. Lost Some. I’m now faced with a serious dilemma: Let the prisons keep denying my magazines based in “gang signs” without going to court, just lay down and accept this or go to court. So far I’ve let them take awat my magazines without going to court.
Why would I give in? Simple. Very few inmates will even file a inmate complaint. There are over 23,00 inmates. At two complaints a week there would be over two million complaints per year. But in reality, there were only about 40,000 complaints filed last year. Magazines are denied and few even file complaints for phone cards and they look at me like I’m crazy.
Is the complaint system a joke? Of course it is. But if the DOC got just 300 complaints each week they would have to act. DOC knows that most inmates are happy the way things are. That is the message that WE send them by not using complaint forms.
We all know that Berrill Freeman was awarded 2.5 million dollars for being denied food. That’s just great. But what I don’t understand, AT ALL, is how no one has filed a criminal complaint with the Sheriff’s department. And the US attorney, Western District of Wisconsin? Both Wisconsin Statutes and federal code provisions provide for criminal penalties for violations of basic civil rights. If Mr Freeman was in a nursing home, hospital, etc., charges would have been already filed. Why has no one moved for criminal charges against the state employees involved here?
That is the problem with the DOC. There is no fear of accountability. These same employees are still on the job, still being paid, and not one cent will be paid out of THEIR pockets towards ant money paid to Mr Freeman. Where are Mr. Freeman’s attorneys? Why haven’t they moved for criminal prosecution?
Denying food to an inmate is a felony. If Warden and his staff involved were charged, you can bet things in the prisons would change immediately. Once the fear of prosecution is made real they will treat inmates with what respect we have coming legally.
Now come on. Get people calling the US Attorney and the District Attorney to prosecute. If enough people call criminal charges will be brought. That’s really what we need. Inmates can’t do this. Free people must do this. Thank you so very much in advance.

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