Jimmy Riley

Jimmy Riley #388220;
WSPF; PO Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

My name is Jimmy Riley. I am African/ Jamaican American. I have a deep dark complexion, 175 pounds and stand at 5’9”. I have dark brown eyes and short black hair. My D.O.B. is 12/04/1984.

I love to listen to NEO-Soul, jazz, R&B, pop, alternative, some country and a lot of hip-hop music. I love action, comedy ( stand-up and romantic comedies) and also enjoy a lot of drama. I enjoy talking, writing, and just laying back and cuddling. I am currently working on writing a poetry book as well as developing several different business plans, one which includes a soul lounge(poetry club). I am pursuing a degree in human relations/child psychology with an emphasis on child counseling, also I am currently working on starting a nonprofit organization. I read at least 2 books a week .

I am a man of knowledge. I will try almost anything at least once. I am real bug on love loyalty, respect, honor, confidence and determination. I am a really sweet, sensitive, kind-hearted man with a great sense of humor. I am a very straight forward person. Good communication is a key ingredient in the recipe of love, so I try my best to keep everything completely open and on the table. I am very secure in myself, so I have no need to be jealous.

I am seeking a woman who is constantly seeking was to better herself. She has to be independent, strong willed and strong minded. I am searching for someone who will continue to be serious but not so serious that she can’t relax and joke around. She has to know and believe she is a Queen and won’t be treated as anything less. I am searching for someone who will speak her mind when she has an opinion. We will have good and bad days yet in the midst of it , I’ll never let our feet stop moving on our journey of love.
If there is any more information you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

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