DeAnthony Simmons

DeAnthony Simmons T-70109
Al-207 PO Box 4450
Lancaster, CA 93539

My name is De Anthony. I'm 5'8", about 135 pounds, 27 years old, with a light skin complexion. I have green eyes, fairly long hair and I'm well put together with a million dollar smile.
I'm intelligent, open-minded, considerate, mature, humorous and optimistic. I do have a definition in mind of a 'Special Person'. Who are you? We can share a destination and differ on what roads to take. If you wish to share thoughts with me or simply feel you can enjoy my vibe and want more, I welcome you.
Give me a chance. Indeed, it's hard trying to find someone you can be real with and understand. In fact, in this day in time, it's hard to find a friend, that one person that you want to fully understand while they seek to understand you.
I’m one of many unfortunate Black males whom has fallen victim to California's rail-roading campaign and alienated by not only the Black unreachable community, but by also relatives, and so-called previous friends that pretty much gave the system a free hand to do as they've done with me, So, to say the least, my potential has been hindered for a considerable length of time, and God willing, this nightmare will soon be over, no barring the grace from Above. Be this as it may, I can honestly assure you that, despite the prevailing propaganda concerning Black men in my predicament, or men in general, I'm much more, and much better than circumstances depict me to be. While I can admit that this experience for a man of my caliber, I have experienced various inescapable transitions during my time of struggle inside this prison system, However, I can still proudly state that I'm not counted amongst the broken one's these prisons are so sadly full of today.

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