kevin Hogue

Kevin D Hogue #280331 4A-24B
PO Box 500
Mitchells, VA 22729

My name is Kevin Hogue, aka "Flex." I'm 32, my D.O.B. 2-1-75. I'm 5'7" weighing 220 lbs. Working out, reading, writing poetry and music are my hobbies. I enjoy jazz, classical music, country and rap music. I listen to rap music when I'm exercising to keep the tone intensified. My sign is "Aquarius."
Danville, VA is my hometown. I attended Virginia State University, entering my junior year before my incarceration. Sports marketing was my major. It's sad when others see your potential while you continue to search with blind eyes, because when those eyes open, where will you find yourself? Now I understand the axiom "know thyself". I have no hidden agenda , what you see is only a door, concealing infinite possibilities. If my actions define me, then allow it to be my whole life, not just moments. I offer no promises in which I can't keep, nor say what's pleasant to the ears, for I am a man with nothing but dreams, ambition, strong desire and truth, illuminated by jewels and treasures my soul, mind, and heart wants to give. "The road to discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes" unknown. Sincerely, K Hogue

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