Leroy Jones

Leroy S. Jones#375269
Waupun Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 351
Waupun,WI 53963

They Say, "The Chances You Take In Time/ May Be Your Greatest Accomplishments" So Here I Stand Chancing The Outcome Of This Ad.
In Regards To You Viewing This Ad/Webpage/ It's Nice To Know That Somehow I Sparked Your Interest. & Hopefully That's Not Where It Ends, Because As Much As I'd Like To Tell You All About Me As A Man, I'd like To Get To Know You.
To Those Closest To Me, I'm Known By Shamar, & Not Being One Who's Anxious To Find Love.
I Figure Since Conversation's The Key To New Beginnings, Why Not Start There? & Although For The Moment I'm Doing Time, I'm Not One To Waste Time Through The Impression Of A Fantasy. I Speak & Act On A Factual Basis, While Hoping My Companion Is Strong Enough To Embrace A Man Of My Caliber. Besides, Nothing Truly Worth Having Come Through Lies, While Keeping It Authentic May Be The Spark To Everything You're In Search Of.
With That, My Aim Is To Hopefully Find Someone Who'll Believe In Me, As Much As I Believe In Myself. One I Can Truly Consider a friend. Mainly Because I feel If We Can Grow To Be The Best Of Friends, & Genuinely Understand Each Other, When & If The Opportunity Present Itself, We Can Grow To Be The Best Of Anything.
Trust Me, I Know There's A lot Unsaid & It's Only Because If I Tell You Everything In One Stroke, I Leave No Room For Questions Or Curiosity. So Although This Is Coming To An End, We Don't Have To,
Feel Free To Contact Me Personally At The Address above.

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Francesca Moody said...

Hello my name is Francesca, this is very new to me but would like to be your friend If you wish I am from Australia Cheers for now and look forward very much for your reply, take care and I will send you good truths. You can write to me to FFUP or to swanl@mwt.net see you sooner then later