Ron Greer

Ron Greer #539932
Jackson Correctional Institution
PO Box 233
Black River falls, WI 54615

Hello Ladies, I am 32 y.o.a. I am also a man amongst men. I have the ability to lead. I am capable of many things. I have will power that could baffle a monk and yet I am nothing without an emotionally secure woman by my side. The person in question would have to be honest, patient, and someone that could represent what I stand for while I reflect and represent what she stands for.

It’s not about me getting over on her, or her getting over on me-but us getting over together. (you feel me?) I know how hard it is to catch and hold the attention of someone you’ve never met. Being temporarily absent from the outside world doesn’t help either, but if we’re both willing to give over all, I don’t see where we could go wrong.

You see, this would be such a perfect opportunity to use this time to create a perfect foundation, our possible future friendship. We could iron out all the wrinkles and smooth the edges. We can set out little rules and standards that only you and I would understand. It’s anovel approach. I’m good at making workable plans.

Always, Ron

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