Charles Ross

Charles Ross K57124
3820 E Main St
Danville, Ill 61834

Hello, Hope YOU and YOUR Family are prayfully great as you sit comfortably getting to know who I am-Which I'm CHARLES a man who has the courage to be Real,Honest and has nothing but Good Intentions In forming a meaningful friendship with you,I vow won't be based upon False Hopes,Lies and Illusions ...

I'm 31yrs of age, very Authentic,Intelligent and have a sense of style about myself and the way I treat people.. I'm Intellective,Comprehensive and have a Infinite thirst for knowledge.. I'm a excellent listener,Open-Minded on many levels.. I love to embrace realistic conversations whether it's World Issues,Political, Literature,poetry,Music,Life,The essence of our being or YOU and I,Smile.

My hobbies Include- Writing Intense Poems and short stories, Cutting-Hair,,reading the dictionary and books of Inspiration .. I attend school and strive to keep doing things constructively with the hope I make a difference somewhere..I watch Dr.Phil,Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer for entertainment..

My favorites are Alicia Keyes,Mary J Blige,Keyshia Cole,
Will Smith,Russell Simmon,Kirk Franklin,Etc. .

I am capable of being a decent friend and more, my motive is to get to know the part(S) of you If not all, most fail to reach, Share your existence and allow me to bring smiles to your face and lips ,,..
your letter, Time & Effort win be appreciated