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It’s time I had a heart to heart with someone who can listen first and speak second. I also really need your mind to remain open, as well, because often time people become stereotypical and judgmental of others who may be less fortunate than them for whatever reason. Therefore, a close mind is in direct contrast to what I’m looking for.

There’s a saying that ‘prison will either break you until you crumble or perfect you and make you humble’. I’m grateful to say that the later part of that saying applies to me; my only problem is having someone to share my new change with. There was a time when I seriously could not grasp a woman’s true value and even though it took me coming here… I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve finally began to comprehend your priceless worth and what it means to have that special someone in my life.

I’m writing this to my special someone and those are things I’ve been waiting to say for years to you. I’m not perfect by far and at times I’ll need you to remind me of that… and it’s no doubt that I want to know everything about you, in order for me to learn about you, you must be willing to teach me.

If you noticed I didn’t go into details about myself much. I figured if you wanted to know you’d ask… and if I told you before hand, I would have denied you the right to ask me yourself. I believe one of the greatest qualities on earth is a person’s willingness to ‘become’. I admit I’m not where I want to be, ‘growth wise’, but it’s a beautiful thing to know and be able to say that. I’ve prospered above and beyond from where I used to be.

These words you’re reading aren’t enough to pay homage to the man I am! I just hope they give you a glimpse of the man I’m trying to be! If you’re that special someone for me, you can feel and know exactly what I’m talking about…
A new friend…

I am 29 years old and my birthday is 1/7/79. I am incarcerated for attempted homicide and attempted arm robbery and my sentence is 25 years. Food for thought: Please feel free to ask me anything, nothing is too personal.

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