Patrick Stearns

Patrick Stearns #467306
PO Box 900
Racine, WI 53177

DOB 11/18/1987
age :21
Height: 5'10" weight:152
Race: white

In my time of being confined to a cell, I draw, write poems and work on finishing my Business Associates Degree before my time is up in prison. I plan to start my own construction company shortly after I'm released from prison.

I'm 21 years old and lived in Milwaukee, WI. I'm currently finishing a 5 year sentence for drug charges that were brought against me after my house was raided. I'm fun to be around and get to know. If you take the time to write me and get to know me you will find I enjoy dating older women (ages 30 and up)because of a more mature relationship. You will also see that I'm very understanding, easy to talk to, and willing to listen. If you take the time to write me you will see there is more to me...

Here's a poem I wrote that will explain more about me... it's called "Mind Control".

Mind Control

I'm hiding in the shade of my own mind
cause I'm afraid of what I might find
Should I venture into the open with my eyes
closed and blind?
I'm in a bind that was designed
from being lonely and confined
to a cell writing down thoughts of
whatever should come to mind.

See I'm thinking of all I left behind.

Since I can't go back in time or rewind,

so I sit with my pen, paper & hard grind
through these hard times.

No matter how unkind they are to my mind
it's the easiest way for me to unwind
winding myself into a sort of mastermind
through these words of mine
Each and every writing is personally experienced
Then signed: Patrick Stearns

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