Emanual Sanders

"Emanual Sanders #F13614"
California Men's Colony State Prison
P.O. Box #8101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8101

To whom it may concern,
I hope and pray to the creator above that when this message of "Extreme" interest reaches your hands, it finds you and all those you hold dear to your heart & soul in God's loving embrace.

To formally introduce myself, my name is Emanual Sanders.
My folks or those close to me call me "Black", or (WEUSI), which means Black in Swahilli. I was born, Aug. 10, 1970, I'm 6 feet tall, 235 Ibs. muscular built. I'm dark chocolate with the rough neck's bald head.

I come complete with the six pack & college degree. I have an A.A. in Sociology, along with 3 years apprenticeship in IBEW, (International Brotherhood Electrical Workers).

I was born and raised in Oakland, CA; If you know anything about the West Coast, you know I've been on both sides of the fence, "legit/illegal1.1 Been there done that, aint going back, real talk!
Nevertheless, I'm a city boy, with southern mannerism, so you could say, I'm the salt of the earth. All said and done, I'm going through some thangs right now in life, but I know I wear the victory crown because I serve a mighty God, and I've re-submitted my life to him.

I was hoping & praying to find someone to correspond with. Just create friendships, share life experiences with one another. It's been a long time since I've had a friend besides Jesus.
For further info, contact me at the above address. May peace and blessings of our creator be upon you and all those you hold dear to you heart & soul.

P.S. Any questions and all questions are encouraged, No fear, No regrets. To win is to go the distance. To guarantee victory is not caring how far to go...