Dale Robert Shaw

"Dale Robert Shaw #865871"
Clallam Bay Corr. Center
1830 Eagle Crest Way
Clallam Bay, WA 98326-9723

My name's Dale,

I'm a lonely, single, white male who needs a pen-pal, and a friend. I'm 28, 5'7", 170 Ibs, no body fat, very active and hard working. I recently found myself in prison for an Assault charge, which was self-defense, Just as much as it was that split second bad decision, we all have them, mine cost me everything. I've been down now for 15 months, and have found myself doing this alone.

My Christian fiancee left me 8 months ago, and my former schedule of work, exercise, and attention didn't leave much room for friends. So now I'm reaching out there for comfort and warmth to fill this empty spot in my heart.

My goal in life is to find that special, faithful someone to spend the rest of my life with. Enjoy every moment, work hard, and take pride in all that I do, and create a ripple effect through all that I come in contact with. From kind words to heartfelt deeds. I hope there is someone out there who would like to get to know me as a friend, or you never know, maybe more. There's only one for that though. I have a few years left, and then I will be in the Seattle /Everett area working hard and treasuring every moment, but in the meantime, I would like to hear from you, and make a friend.

Love Always, Dale R. Shaw

P.S. The last few months I've found myself indigent, everyone I know haven't been here for me. I'm working on getting a photo, and I'm on the list for a job, but that could take awhile. I'm hoping that somehow you could still help me to break this lonely spell, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for your time.
Your friend