Lamont L. Nance

Lamont L. Nance #434443
PO Box PO Box 233
 Black River Falls 54615

Dear courageous stranger... I am writing this for a chance at something that everyone needs in their lives... FRIENDSHIP! Throughout most of our lives, acquaintances and associates come and go, but friends are EVERLASTING! We, as a people in society, define ourselves through our family and friends. I believe that meeting new people happens for a reason. By expanding our general 6 degrees (as the term is called) we open many optimistic and exciting experiences into our lives. Which is frightening at first, if we don't keep in mind that we, as the human race, as man and woman, must take chances and make mistakes in order to achieve GREAT accomplishments!! You know??

My name is Lamont and I'm a young black man. I am 6' tall and 23 years old. I have a slight muscular athletic build and weigh about 165 lbs. My skin complexion is a light reddish brown, my hair is black, low cut and wavy. My eyes are brown as well.

To give you a little more clarity, SOME people say that I resemble the R&B singer Usher... Not my own words ok?? :) Just as ordinary as everyone else. But the most, if not extraordinary thing about me is my personality and my logical and compassionate out look on life.
I don't have a linear perspective on what's truly important in life. I feel that in order for a person to fully understand life, they have to know what they stand for and what it is that they want. Knowing what matters to them. Everything in life has equipoise. A balance and counterbalance. We tend to be more content and complete when we have friends and companions in our lives. Having that touch of the minds, that notion of understanding and BEING understood.

It's what we strive for daily in every manner of relationships. I know you all are busy out there and the stress of everyday life has your complete attention. I would ask that you consider the possibility of coming home after a long day and having someone there who is completely nonjudgmental. I listen to you! Someone to stimulate that part of your brain that craves invigorating conversation. Someone to actually listen and reply intellectually about what's on your mind. That ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Like me??? :)

I'm not the type to force myself upon anyone, but I will leave you with this last thought. Not every man will make his intentions clear. IF you decide to open a part of your life to me - I will do the same. You'd get an avid listener with nothing but your best interests in mind. I am beyond childish games and tomfoolery. I'd get a look into the outside world beyond these dreary confines and maybe a compassionate heart. I'm looking for a friend!! All the same, I wish you well and hope that you find what it is you're searching for. Take care and be easy... Hope to hear from you soon.

My life, my soul eternally... Lamont
A friend in need of a friend!


misscandi said...

Hey old friend its Candi Angie and Kennywayne daughtr Teddy ray and TT sis I havnt forgotten about you love you!

April Calmes said...

I will always love you SCOOBY !!! I need your mailing address information ASAP

FFUP said...

April_ I have changed this to his current address as of 2 7 15.
You can always find out where these guys are at www.vinelink.com or http://offender.doc.state.wi.us/lop/
Lamont Lance 434443 is At JCI, PO BOX 233 Black River Falls WI 54615.
use full name and number.
you can email me at pgswan3@aol.com