Micheal Lee John

Micheal Lee John #87221
Idaho Maximum Security Inst.
P.O. Box #51 Boise, Idaho 83707

My name is Micheal John, I am 20 years old, 5'9", and 170 Ibs. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes, (picture Available). I am serving time for 2nd Degree Murder with 2 years until I'm eligible for parole.

I am trying to find a pen-pal whose interests are similar to mine. I'm looking for a person who is open-minded, caring, thoughtful, and sincerely interested in a long-term friendship, possibly more.
I was born in California, then raised in Idaho & Wyoming. I was raised by 2 wonderful parents. My Mother has passed on, and it has had a profound effect on my life.

I have one older brother, and one older sister. I'm currently housed in the security housing unit, or isolation unit at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution, (IMSI). I struggle every day to remain positive, optimistic, and active.
I have a High School Diploma, but would like to continue my educa­tion. In short, I'm looking for a friend. If you're interested, you can write to the address above. Thank you for your time.
Micheal Lee John