Hector Cubero

Hector Cubero Jr 288150

PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963
" D.O.B. 04/22/1980
I hope life is going better for you then it has been for myself. I keep in mind the fact that someone somewhere close has it much worse, and I'm therefor sincerely thankful, it's not me. My name is Hector Cubero Jr., every­one knows me as "indio". It's a family nickname that means Indian & Spanish. I'm Puerto Rican, 25% Bohemian, and 25% German. I'm 28 years old, and I was born 04/22/1980. I'm 6'3", and about 215 pounds. I was born and raised on the Southside of Milwaukee.

I like working out, playing Basketball, and drawing. I'm looking for a female friend to get to know, and become close friends, and if our friend­ship moves to a romantic relationship, that'll be a blessing if it leads to that road because I'm looking for my "wife". But if not, I definitely would love to start and keep a strong friendship. I was raised by my Mother, Grand­mother, and 3 sisters. My Aunt Nelli, and my 5 female cousins, so I'm very understanding and respectful in all ways possible. I believe that no one is complete without their other half, their companion. When a person finds their wife/husband they find favor in God's eyes.

I also strongly feel every person has many soul mates depending on their willingness to be understood. Agreeing to disagree, and their ability to sacrifice for the other's happiness. If 2 people love each other to the point they'll do all this, then they are simply soul mates and will become a part
of eternity. And through this love, (friend or lover) is the only glimpse we are permitted by God because that love will live forever. And I want to see eternity, I need to see eternity, and be apart of it before I die.
People speak about soul mates and true love as they do with ghosts. Very few have actually witnessed seeing ghosts, but I've seen a ghost, and am waiting to see my best friend, my soul mate, my eternity.
Sorry this isn't the best picture of me.
Sincerely & Always, Indio