MIchael Smith

"Micheal Smith #F67279"
High Desert State Prison
P.O. Box #3030 Susanville, CA 96127

Dear Gentle Person,

Greetings and salutations, may lady luck fill your heart and mind with goodness and wealth, that every problem becomes an opportunity, and an adventure to more blessings of happiness.

I'm a 53 year old black man of very large size, most people have called me a giant man, but I'm only proud of being of service to God in here, as well as outside.
I'm a professional man that deals in behavior, religion, and analyzing tests. I'm single, heterosexual, looking for that special female who wants to be rich, famous, happy, and a blessing to her friends, relatives, family, and country.

I'm behind bars because my last woman friend allowed an enemy to deceive her, and I lost $80 Million Dollars in Gold by this. I only hope she got some of it. Is your life worth $80 Million Dollars? Would you rather go to jail or be dead? It's a blessing that I'm even alive. The pleasure is not having great wealth, but in the making of it honestly, with God.

Knowing love, generosity, and health equals Good Opportune Directions. I've learned as a youth, and practiced it, as well as used it to contact God. It's amazing how many people don't believe that it's a supreme being, but never with all their wealth tried to contact him. They'll use minds to regress into past lives, explore this life, even predict future lotto numbers, but not contact God.

It's been done elsewhere in the world, from the beginning of time, but that's all for that. As I'm in a California Prison until 2020, December, and have been abandoned by family and friends, (who divided the $80 Million), and left me penniless, and in bad health, but mentally aware.

To keep my mind from rotting away in the next 12 years, I'll need stimuli, as in letters,from new friends. Let us see what help I can be to you. Can't find love? I can advise, Want adventure? I can advise, Need a professional listener? I'm here for you. School becoming too much? write me. Have a dirty little secret? Use a phony name, that's P.N. so and so, and I'll write back to P.N. your address. I don't judge! Most of the judges in America are wack any way.

But please do send a self addressed stamped envelope, and a blank sheet of paper for a response. As I said, I'm penniless. Now I'll try to answer even without it, but it'll make it easier.
Grand Pal