Radames Romero

Radames Romero
KMCI unit 12
PO Box 282
Plymouth, WI 53073-0282

To whom it may concern,

Hey there, How are you doing? Hopefully all is well, but before I go on, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Radames Romero, and I am from Puerto Rico, from the town of Arecibo. I am 37 years old, I have short black hair, brown eyes, and I weigh 180 Ibs. Being 5"8" tall, I have an athletic, muscular build. One of my favorite past times is working out in the gym, and playing sports. I feel like being fit and healthy is therapeutic to me, and I can only benefit from it in the long run. I also like to read and learn about others and their cultures, or their point of views on life.
I like to communicate openly with others, especially when building friend­ships.
I guess to me, communication and honesty are very important components when building solid friendships. It should never grow old. In my situation, having opportunities to meet new people is very rare, so anytime it's made possible it's a blessing. I'm incarcerated for numerous bad decisions that were wrong. I like to call them my mistakes, and I've owned up to them. I've realized the effects of my wrong decisions, and through this time I feel good about the changes I've made. I wish I could take my wrong decisions back, but I can't. So I've realized and thrived to do my very best to be a better decision maker, and live life to the fullest and enjoy it.

My hopes are that something positive may come from this short but sincere initiative. Any help you may have to offer, would be highly appreciated, and a true blessing. Thank you very much for your time and hopefully understanding.
Sincerely Yours, Radames Romero