Efrain Campos

Efrain Campos #374541-Columbia Correctional Institution; PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53901

Efrain lived in Mexico, a place called Durango DGO until age 9, “a very beautiful place with a lot of action” and then moved to Milwaukee. Has been traveling back and forth to Mexico to keep in touch with the culture and not forget his Spanish. “I came North for a better life but then I got into this.”

He wants to learn new languages-needs dictionaries. He is also fighting his conviction in court, loves to cook and is very clean; He loves all kinds of music, He is very interested in Aztec culture. Wants a family and kids.

Personal specifics: Date of release: 7-15-2116; Race/tribe: Aztec/ Mexican; Age: 25 years; Birthday: 1-18-80; religion: Native Mexican; height: 5’7”; Weight: 185; haircolor: Dark brown, bald cut; eyes: brown ; wears glasses; tattoo of Herera on back of neck

Hobbies: reading, learning, working out. Speaks and writes English, Spanish and Nahualt. Currently studying law. Draws on occasion.

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