Maurice Rogers,looking for realness

Maurice Rogers #270291
P O Box 925
Red Granite, WI 54970

I gather it is a Great Day...

To introduce myself, Hi, to all women, my name is Maurice D Rodgers. BKA Savage-illbredubiquitous, just call me Savage. I am 29 summers gone, 6'0", 165 Ibs. 1 have small shoots of iron in my hair. 1 have been behind these walls since the flip of '96 I have a positive outlook on life and 1 would like to learn something about Capoeira, it is of great interest to me. (Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed initially by African slaves in Brazil)

I desire a sincere relationship at whatever level you choose, friendship, pen pal or whatever else could be. I am single. What I like in women, realness! Loyalty, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and their naturalness. What I do here, 1 like to listen to Rock N Roll, Beadwork (Make it). Making Beats on my beat machine and I like writing which includes: RAP (my own style pretty overboard), poems, songs, movies, and letters/missives. What I dislike in women, a fake woman who is a sybarite, narcissistic. spends her time farding, turns her back on friends and loved ones. You know the kind, always on some mess. 1 also do not like Rap music (this new wave crap), what I call crap, watching men's basketball, prison life and especially, the seeing these inmates come back four or five times while I'm still here.

Savage on beliefs: To me whatever your belief is, if it keeps you straight on the narrow, by all means stick to that, cause there is far too much confusion out there when it comes to beliefs, marriage is eternal.

My Hobbies: Beadwork, I make necklaces, bracelet's and other stuff, that's fun, so it does me a lot of good. Making music period. My favorite music, 1 listen to mostly Rock N Roll, my top two bands are "System of a Down" and "Slipknot". But I also love my Tupac and I love jazz also. Sade Adu that's my girl. I just plain old love music! One of my favorite movies is "The Forsythe Saga", this is really a good movie.

My son, brightens up my days. Has since his birth, 10 winters past, love him a whole lot I do. He's an honor student at the Young Leaders Academy. That's him in the picture with me, my first born son.

Remember, real women are what I am looking for. A solid real woman's what I desire, a mature woman, honest and forthright. It has been a real pleasure for me to introduce myself to you, perhaps you want to explore. Hopefully we are of like minds and wish to get to known one another better. In any event let the rest of your day be a Great Day.
I anticipate our first correspondence, until then let peace be with you. And for those who want to know, I have not as of yet fallen madly, irretrievable in love, your just moments away from a time with none other than, Savage!

Maurice Rodgers #270291
PO Box 925
Red Granite, WI 54970

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hellshell said...

dear reese,
i am so happy that you are doing well. i think about you everyday.
how are you doing?? email me back at mpt1@tmw.com if you want to. i would love to hear from you
muchmodenluv always