Cantrell Robinson

Cantrell Robinson #453408
WCI PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

If you happen to stumble upon this page then i assume it's by fate and not by pure coincidence. I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile obviously it's something on this page sparked your interest. I'll appreciate it even more if you continued on with your reading to discover the unseen behind this virtual message.

Being in a situation as i am/ introduced to desolation at times it's always great to have someone to share a few laughs durin the down time. My reason for establishing this page is to get back in touch with the world letting all you beautiful, independent ladies know that im still here. I seek someone who's bright, open minded/with a sense of humor in hopes of building a trusty friend ship leading to asperation and growth. I'm a man of integrity and i believe that growth is a process of experimentation and failures are as much a part of the process as success.

what consists of me is that im very down to earth, humbled by nature,open, honest , caring and always willing to listen. what attracts me to a women/is a women with vision, intellect, ambition with a drive that's willing to go after whatever it is she want. Someone with a personality that might out-weigh any other attributes of a women.

In my spare time i like to exercise mind and body by reading, working out or either playing basketball . I ' m 5'11",185 pounds,22 year of age any other description is in the photo that's provided above .

If you happen to posess any of the qualitys that i've listed then
feel free to respond in a mutual fasion.

I also believe that opposites attract so dont be discouraged if you dont posess any of these qualities.

IN closing, if i am of any interest to you be sure to respond. "A little conversation can go a long way."

Name :Cantrell Robinson
Gender : Male
Age : 22
Sign Gemini