Kweku Fitzpatrick

Kweku Fitzpatrick #193365
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805

To all who have taken the time to view my words: It is clear that you are in search of someone you feel you can connect with. Well for starters we have something in common already, because I am looking for a lady I can connect with.

I am a single man who love to read, exercise, play all sports, watch all sports, cook, travel, R&B music rock, salsa and I love to dance. I am a very good dancer. I am 5’10”, weigh 190 with a beach body, long black hair, brown almond eyes and I truly enjoy keeping a smile on other’s face. I am in my 30’s and looking for that sincere friend. Don’t be shy, let’s give it a try. Muito obrigado parn voces tempo.

Kweku Fitzpatrick #193365