Anthony Kane

Anthony Kane #265006

Columbia Correctional Institution
PO Box 900
Portage, Wi 53901

Race: Caucasion
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wi
D.O.B.: 4-7-1976
Release date (parole) 2011
Incarcerated since NOV 2 , 1994
Convicted of robbery/Burglary

Dear Ladies,
Are you interested in meeting a gentleman who is nice, sincere, genuine, and who has a great sense of humor? If so , I am that guy!

Please don’t judge me because of my current incarceration, because I am only a human who made a mistake in life! Believe me ladies, after serving 15 years now, a lesson was well learned.

I will be getting released in a couple of years , so my intention is to find and meet a special woman whom I can get to know and learn from. I was only 18 years old when I became incarcerated, so now at the age of 33, I need a grown woman to teach me how to be a grown man towards the female gender.
I’m looking forward to any and all correspondence. So let’s talk ladies! Teach me!