Antwiane Sago

Antwiane Sago #428132
PO Box 351
Waupun , Wi 53963

I am an African American man from Chicago. I was in this state for less than thirty days in total before I found myself in the middle of a criminal case. I was convicted of PTAC 1st degree homicide seven years ago and sentenced to life, and I've been here every since. I have no family in this state, and everyone I can entertain calling a friend here, I met in prison, it's been a rough run, but by grace I'm making it.

If there was only a few things I would want someone to know, the first would be that I'm a Christian. I guess the next would be that I am not defined by where I am. Yes I made a few bad choices, but fortunately I've learned something from each experience. I only hope that people won't charge my wrongs to my heart. Finally, in spite of my current situation, I still have a lot to offer people if they are willing to see and accept me, rather than drawing a conclusion about me based on the circumstance I'm in right now. Anything outside of those things are more style than substance.

This entire ordeal is odd to me, because I've never been one to write to strangers, but I'm at a point where I could really use some help. Even if you are unable to help me, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my thoughts. May God continue to bless and keep you always.

Tried By Fire
But Never
Antwiane Sago A.K.A. Twon