Steven Wayne Brown

Name: Steven Wayne Brown
TDCJI : 438149
Unit: Hark W. Stiles
Unit Address: 3060 P.M. 3514, Beaumont* TX. 77705

Race: African American
Age: 46
D.O.B.: 08/22/62
Height: 5*5"
Height: 140 Ibs

Conviction: Robbery/ and misconvicted of ABMBB ROBBERY(ARMED)
Career: Lyricist & vocalist
Skills: Certified Automotive Technology & Engine Repair
Hobbies: Reading, writing, body building, etc.
Interests: Current events, trends, science, solar system, computer upgrade info, reformation, self-cultivation, etc.
Concise message: I'm to be deemed an reformed criminal; I'm
very understanding, open-minded & easy going. I'm seeking friendship form females & males looking good isn't important. What's important is your understaning of my situation; as is my ability to reciprocate.