Rodney O'Neal

Rodney O'Neal#206390
Ozaukee-East-1119T unit
PO Box 900
Sturtevant, Wi 53177

To whom aver may be reading this page,

Warning: This is not your typical love letter, romance novel, or introduction.
This is not an event that ends at the close of the curtain. The sole purpose of this page is to make the acauaintance of a female companion, gain her friendship and trust, and capture her heart.

You must be open-minded and understanding, and in need of a good friend as I am. My interest in women are, but not limited to the following: I like a confident, mature woman with a healthy appetite for fun an adventure. She must possess strength and intelligence, ^e career-oriented, driven, naturally outgoing, charismatic, soontaneous, sexy,and seductive. Must have a sense of humor, value family and be spiritually grounded.

This may sound like a tall order, but I'm a man who knows what he wants. I'm open to try new things. Prison has a way of creating a void in one's life, a loneliness that scars the soul beyond understanding. This loneliness should never be forced on anyone who once knew freedom as I have.

My name is Rodney O'Neal Sr. I am 41 yr. old African American native of Milwaukee, WI. I am 5'11",215 Ibs. with a caramel complexion and a charming demeanor. I like to read (non-fiction! v/rite, draw, cook (currently taking Culinary Arts), work with my hands (carpenter by trade), travel, meet new oeople and try new things.

I am confident, adventurous, fun-loving person. I m goal-oriented, optimistic and positive, I try to keep it together physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. My goal is to find a female companion, (30+) who will compliment my loving and giving nature. Someone who I can learn from, grow to know personally, and grow to love unconditionally.

The woman I seek is out there, and if you are reading this , then please feel free to contact me at the listed address Please, game player's need not to resoond, I have played the game for many years, now I have retired the game, I'm coaching now! I'm after the heart.

To all interested parties, know that my life is like an open book, please feel free to ask me anything at all. Get a copy of this best sell and watch me arouse your mind and stimulate your emotions.
As I bring this page to an end, there are some auestions that I require you to answer when responding.
1 ) What is your name, age, birthdate, nationality?
2) What are you seeking from this correspondence?
3) where you currently residincr/ are you from?
4) Other than your physical attributes, what is you greatest asset?
5) Can you tell me something that you really think I should know?
6) What do you do as a profession, for fun?
7) Have you ever experienced the loneliness that I described( when?
8) Do you have an open-mind, heart?
9) What are you not willing to talk about?
10) Have I at least captured your curiosity, on a scale of 1 -1 o?
Now that all formalities are over, feel free to get back at me, but only if you're serious. I'm not trying to be that man right now, but that man!! Know that I'm at you in a major way.

After your heart,
Rodney O'*Teal

To whom it may concern: If this letter does not reach it's intended destination please send it back to heaven, because it was meant for an angle.
P . S . S .
Photo's are welcomed, sexy and seductive, but no nudes.
Racine Correctional Institution
Rodney O'Neal #206390 Ozaukee-East
P.O. Rox 900
Sturtevant, wi 53177-0900

Get back at me, because I don't want to be lonely tonight.