Javier Salazar

Javier Salazar #326709
PO Box 351
Waupun,WI 53963

My name is Javier Salazar, I'm 28 yrs. old, 5'8", 150 Ibs. I'm Mexican and Puerto Rican with brown eyes and long black hair. I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I've lived in the U.S. my whole life.

I listen to all types of music, but I prefer, Hip Hop and Reggae. I like to read non-fiction books, and for a hobby, I write poetry. It's my hope to publish a few poetry books some day. I have been incarcerated since Sept. 16, 2003. In 2004, I was convicted of being party to a crime that someone had already admitted to doing alone.

My Attorney never called him to testify at my trial, and I was subsequently found guilty. I am now appealing the conviction on my own in order to get a re-trial. I'm looking for someone to correspond with who believe in honesty and communication. Age and race do not matter to me, so I am open to writing anyone...