WiIfredo Ruiz

WiIfredo Ruiz #01A1754
Upstate Corr. Fac.
Box 2001
Malone. NY 12953

My name is WiIfredo Ruiz, Everyone calls me "Sincere." I am a black man born with a latin dialect, recognized as Puerto Rican. I'm presently incar­cerated at Upstate Correctional Facility, which is a solitary confinement prison. I'm currently serving 5 years in the hole, (More info on that upon a response!) Also I'm currently serving a 23 years to Life sentence, of which I have 8 years and 8 months served. I'm working on various appeals, one of which, if decided favorable in March of 2009, I will be able to give back 11 years. Secondly, the person, (My Brother) who actually committed the crime, may step up and take responsibility and clear me of this crime.
I an innocent, but that's a process in itself. The crime is of Robbery, (More info upon Response)...N-E- Way, I'm 5ft. 10£ inches tall, weigh 208 pounds. I'm very healthy, I'm brown skin, more like butter pecan, I usually have short wavy hair cut into a fade, but being in solitary confinement, I'm letting my hair dread up to see how it would look. I'm usually a clean cut type of guy, but lately I look like a Taliban member. (SMILE) Still handsome man if I must say so. (SMILE) I also have a sarcastic sense of humor, I talk trash in the sense of quick wit and just being flip and sarcastic...
I enjoy many things, I play all sports, but golf. I only like golf when Tiger Woods is playing. I play chess, I love to read, I love to write, I'm a so-so half ass poet. I enjoy exercising, I meditate a lot because I'm a claustrophobic, so it takes all my will power not to go crazy in this hell hole. I love music, basically love songs and R&B. I’m a romantic type of guy. I love to have fun, but it takes a minute for me to act stupid. I must feel comfortable with a person before I let the kid in me out. Which brings me to say, I am 40 years old. I will be 41 in January on the 29th, yet I look like I'm 30, and feel like I'm 20...
I'm also a serious individual, I take things as they are, accept people as they are. I deal with reality and common sense, if you are right, whether I like it or not, or agree or not, you are right. I can admit when I'm wrong. I am very very secure in myself, I'm my own man, i'M basically a loner, which is based on people betraying me and taking me for granted. I'm not easily impressed, I feel very deeply things, especially friendships and/or relationships. What a person gives me, I give double back, whether it is good or bad. I treat a person like I want to be treated. If you don't like something someone does to you, then don't do it to them. For instance, I love and respect women, I don't hit women, I don't hit kids, but if they hit me I hit back...
Don't get me wrong, let me give you an example; once I was involved with a woman, her previous relationship her husband use to abuse her physically. So one day on a couple of occasions, while we were interacting in conversation, I made her laugh and she had the tendency to smack me on my leg very hard saying "Oh you so funny or crazy". Now the smack was nothing, but it does tend to sting, and I do not enjoy being smacked. So I told her, stop doing that, which she ignores, so one time she smacked my leg, I smacked her on her back and said, "Oh you are a trip". She got mad and told me that I knew how she felt about being hit, that I was mean. I told her that I did that to show that she does not like it, well neither do I; She never hit me again...
So you see, sometimes when you return or treat a person the same way, they'll get the message better than just telling them.
As you can see, I like to express myself, I just like for a person to understand me and where I'm coming from, and I'm a man who expresses his feelings. Communication is the key, yet I'm not a talkative person. I can hold my own, but I don't talk to just talk. Many people love to hear the sound of their voice, I can't stand those types especially the know it all's and whiners...
N-E- Way, I'm interested in anyone who is interested in writing me. I enjoy funny people who enjoy life, yet are laid back. Race is not a factor, I'm like Rodney King when he said, "Can't we all just get along". (SMILE)
For an intro letter this is pretty long, normally I see guys write a half page, I could never do that, what can you say in a half a page? I don't have the time to write a short letter, do you? Well if you or someone out there responds, please tell me about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and what is your ultimate goal or dream? My ultimate goal is to regain my freedom right now. It's funny how a person learns to appreciate things when it's no longer there. We take life and many things for granted instead of being thankful. Many blessing to you and yours, take care and write me...
In Chains
I Remain!
Note: Prisoners do not email or internet access.

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