Jim Goodwin

Jim Goodwin
3872 FM 350 S
Livingston, TX 77351-88580

My name is Jim Goodwin and I'm seeking and hope to find a soon-to-be friend who would like to begin, and hopefully maintain, a penpal correspon­dence. My Birth date is: 12/18/1951, I'm 6'0", 225, blue eyes, and gray hair (plenty!) I'm healthy and physically fit. My release date is: 11/29/2011. I'm both a bit gregarious and a bit introverted, and you? I am primarily interested in a penpal who will be willing to be open and responsive in such a way that we will be able to share our interests, experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas. I will be open and responsive...
Although I have a good sense of humor, and love to laugh, I don't find it too easy to put to paper. But usually I'm a fast learner. "Outdoors", I’m thrilled by trekking, and observing the beauty offered by Mother Nature. I've traveled about a good part of the U.S. and enjoyed exploring our Park system-scuba diving, sky diving, jet skiing, and horseback riding. "Indoors", I enjoy watching movies and reading. I also enjoy cooking, but nothing fancy. I have a strong interest in History, especially the American colonial and Revolutionary period, and the history of Religions in America...
What are your interests, "Indoors and Outdoors"? I was born and raised in Chicago and lived in Houston 20 years. In between I had a farm in Missouri and did some modest gardening. I'm now single and have had no children. I've never been bored with life and always find interesting (TO Me) pursuits-
Hopefully like this one! My interests are broad and varied, and I'm quite inquisitive and an eclectic. My hope is that you will find something of interest, enough so you will respond. Hope to hear from you soon...
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