Terrace Love

Terrace Love #N02073; 8500 Supermax Rd; Tamms, IL 62988

My name is Terrace Love and I'm in Illinois Supermax prison and the prison is like Guantanamo Bay and I'm locked in my cage 24 hours a day, and sometimes I think I am losing my sanity in this dungeon.
That's why I need a penpal to keep my mind occupied. I've been here for 9 years and I am lonely without family or friends, and I have not received a letter in some years.
I am 47 years old, weight 165 Ibs. have a goatee, like working out (Calisthenics), like chess, reading, outdoor life, Sudoku puzzles, poetry, and sports...

Feel My Pain
My body in a cage like the daylight raining down,
each pore crying the change of light show's I'm in prison.
I have been walking my cage all night to this pain.
Destructive I feel, living here and if I could instruct myself,
if I could learn to stop the pain, even as it grasps me,
if the mind that lives in this body could refuse the pain, to let itself be crushed, it would loosen the pain and would have to stand off from me, and listen while I breath pain every day.
Please penpal, give me an answer to this pain I sleep with at night...

Sincerely, Terrace Love IN02073
Note: Prisoners do not email or internet access.

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