Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown#399878
WCI; PO Box 351
Waupun , Wi 53963

Derrick is 26 years old and has no family support. He is now in segregation and working hard to make positive strides. “I just hope I can find someone I this world to correspond with this truly trying to be faithful to God”

Spiritual Politics
I don’t know a lot about politics. But I do know that when God is a part of the decision making in a country the impossible happens. God was a part of the decision making in the civil rights movement and a people that at that time weren’t even allowed to vote in the elections of a country are now only a little over 40 years later being elected president of that same country. That’s Spiritual politics. If we call on the power of God our national debt will be handled with ease. But all this separating church from state is gone to create more problems. And no one, specially a whole country , needs more problems. Not when the one’s we are already faced with seems impossible to solve. So what do we do? I don’t know about you, But I’ll tell you what I’m gone to do. I’m gonna hold on to the powerful hand of God, and make all of the politics that I get involved with spiritual. If you choose to lean on your own powers and device, than I’ll see you at the finish line when and if you make it. I’ll be there waiting, refreshed and energized because God is carrying my load, and that’s spiritual politics.

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