David Brown

David Brown #293387
CCR/Upper C#15
Louisiana State prison
Angola, LA 70912 USA

Charge: 2nd degree Murder
Time: life
Birth City: New Orleans

I’m standing at this threshold wondering , should I cross it now? Now I’m wondering, what should I be looking for? If I say, I’m looking for nothing, how appealing is that? If I say, I’m looking for this or that. How audacious is that coming from me, the inmate? So I stand on my tightrope teetering.

I could ponder out some jaded generic lines but I won’t. Hmmm , what should I do now? I’m going to tell you what I seek and why I seek it. In Actuality we all seek something admittedly or not.

I want someone who is unafraid to be them self and tell me the truth. I want someone that has empathy not sympathy. I want someone who’s willing to let me see honestly in their world.
I’m not perfect in no form of the word. I’m not some lost angel whose wings were clipped. But here’s what I am now. I’m a changed person from the past. No longer do I linger in my past mind state of chaos and debauchery. See me as who I am now not then.

Here’s another thing. If you’ve had a bad past relationship with others please don’t punish me for it. I’m not that person(s) nor so I represent their actions o non-actions. Let’s build a great friendship no strings attach. I’ll answer ALL letters.
Sincerely David Brown

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