Clayton Gene McCormack

Clayton Gene McCormack #D-14828
PO Box 1906 4B-5B-201
Tehachapi, CA 93581

I love singing; I love it so much I make up my own songs!
I'm honest to a fault! With that, I have to admit the photo is approximately fourteen years old. 1 may never get out of prison, unless the voters of California decide to revisit the 3-strikes law. I smoked weed,got busted inside prison with 17.4 grams of marijuana. I received a sentence of 25 years to life for less than ounce of pot! Ouch!

I'm 55 years old, born March 22, 1953, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 5'I0". I love learning and for the most part read non-fiction books, but I will read a horror story or two. I am about through with "HamletPrince of Denmark", though I have to admit I can only read a few pages of that at a time.

I ask you to write and you'll never be bored. I do not care who writes, I'll write back. I've been locked up since 1990 for a stupid, drunk in public citation, which I managed to turn into a burglary.

I send my best and wish you well, as always and most sincerely.
Clayton Gene McCormack

"Coopers Hawk"
Ravens were act'en frantic
I donned my glasses to scout around
One rallied 'round a light pole
Worrying a raptor that just pulled into town
A small hawk... smaller than a red-tail
Would not have a bit of it
Nary a feather was ruffled...
Probably laughed and cawed, "Eat Shit!"

by Clayton G. McCormack November 15,2007

"Pretty Plain"
There was a gliding, star floating 'cross the sky It was predawn, out of the corner of my eye I'd awaken, to feed my mind some thoughts and I found star-dust, mingled with the lot.
Grabbed my coffee and pen to jot it down 1 still see it, as it ashly hits the ground
Fertilizer, for some gigantic oak New Nutrition, the acorn is the yoke.
What I gathered, is universal truth
All's connected, see it fracturaled in Duluth
All is different, yet still remains the same
We're all one, in one celestial plain.

by Clayton G. McCormack
August 12,2007
"The Best Within"
The pulse I know it well
Feel it ticking in each cell
Our bodies to conceal
The beat within...
Held aloft it has a voice
Murmuring: we have a choice
Come together and rejoice
The beat within...
Tiny fragments of the whole
May abstractly seem like, "D'oh!"
But together it's our soul
The beat within...
This may seem just whimsical
or not matter anyhow
But won't you please allow
The beat within...

by Clayton G. McCormack August 13,2007

"Ya Never Know"
You may have an old soul
I may have known you before
We may have met on another plain
Bathed and sunned ourselves dry
on some distant shore
We could have gathered driftwood
and sparked a round with fire
Roasted crabs over oysters
Ate until our stomachs said,
"Hunger is a liar!"

by Clayton Gene McCormack Julv 25. 2007

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